Course Structure
The curriculum consists of three major components. These are

College-mandated courses:
ICT 151 and 152 Information Technology 1 and 2
FRN 151 and 152; French for Communication 1 and 2
ENG 155 and 156 Communication Skills 1 and 2

Elective courses: Offered in the Third and Final Years only:

MTH 379    Linear Models (Statistical Analysis)             MTH 381     Mechanics I
MTH 383    Introduction to Numerical Methods
MTH 385    Probability Distributions
MTH 380    Time Series Analysis
MTH 382    Convex Optimization
MTH 384    Stability Theory of Dynamical Systems
MTH 384     Topology I
MTH 388    Numerical Methods and Computational Mathematics
MTH 390       Non-Parametric Statistics
MTH 477    Multivariate Data Analysis
MTH 479    Calculus  of  Variation
MTH 481    Differential Geometry
MTH 483    Mathematical Economics I
MTH 485    Topology II
MTH 487     Nonlinear Optimization
MTH 478    Sample Survey Theory
MTH 480    Stochastic Processes
MTH 482    Mathematical Economics II
MTH 484      Special Functions
MTH 486      Optimal Control Theory
ICT    357     Application Development (with VB.Net)

Core courses: all other courses are core Departmental requirements:

The course structure is broken into semesters, two of which [semesters 1 & 2] conclude a year’s academic work requirement. Each semester comprises subjects selected for teaching [T] and practice tutorial [PT] with numerical notations indicating the hours of engagement/contact. For ease of identification, each subject has a code denoting the Department offering it, the initials of the subject name, and the year/semester it is being offered.

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